Welcome internet person! Some time ago, I was forced into a job that I didn't want at all. I promptly escaped from this hell to the digital underground, where I survive today as a quirky 2d character. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find me....maybe you can hire


AI tutorial teaser!

How to make the smartest plant pot in the world! Its coming soon, to a cactus, near you...

Lip Sync made easy!

Papagayo lip sync patterns to OpenToonz.. simple and easy with the Barricados Papagayo OpenToonz Converter Tool!

More info..

Learn to draw and talk in Free OpenToonz

Make a talking character in the great open-source software called opentoonz.

Learn how to do it all in under 18 minutes! Wow!

Infinite Trumper

And you have to help him escape hell, or let him fall to his death.
It's your choice, because we care about choices...
You know.

Enjoy it on: Newgrounds!

The Almost Dead

Yikes! The zombie apocalypse has actually started and granny still has to deliver some socks to her grandson. Drive carefully, and collect plenty of hearts, pills and medkits. Try to survive your epic journey while being chased and slowly losing all sense of time....


FIX GLENN ! mini-game

Don't you hate it when one of the long-term protagonists is killed very unexpectantly, leaving you incredibly upset. Well now you can fix it in: Fix Glenn the mini-game! Possible spoiler alert if you're not up to speed with The Walking Dead.. arg too late.


Dear Satan promo

Satan welcomes you to Barricados in his own unique, and uttlerly professional way.

Dear Satan - Episode 1

The Dark Lord replies to your mortal tweets live! 

Episode 1 of Satan's unsuccessful attempts to host a popular game show.

Music: Bryan Teoh

Spy v. Spy vector

A Barricados take on Spy versus Spy.. in this case Putin (left) and Obama. Free eps format download.


Countdown 2020 Screensaver

Turn your screensaver into a countdown to the next US elections in 2020. As the date approaches your screen gradually gets more blue, with a special treat for you on the day itself! Something to look forward to.